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Beijing, China

Landmark Tower 1, 12/F Unit 1215, No. 8 East Third Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100004, China

Tel: +86 10 6440 2106

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Strategic Consulting & Operational Support for a Chinese Mining Engineering SOE Operating in South Africa



To ensure the survival and timely completion of a strategically-important project by providing high-level strategic consulting and operational support to a large Chinese SOE operating in South Africa for the first time.


A systematic and sequential 4-stage approach was adopted for the project:

  1. Undertake comprehensive analysis to understand the causal drivers of the problems faced by the project's Chinese and South African stakeholders
  2. Develop multi-tiered executable strategic solutions aimed at efficiently addressing the identified problems
  3. Conduct and assist with the implementation of strategic solutions and continuously monitor the situation
  4. Undertake continuous improvement in all areas


Several reports for each of the project stages were presented to senior management and the project team. From this documentation, the project team and client closely collaborated on a regular basis to ensure that the strategic and operational solutions were effectively implemented. As a result of The Beijing Axis' assistance, the project was allowed to continue. Significant time and cost gains were achieved, and a number of the principal problems faced by the project were resolved. Both interested South African and Chinese parties also implemented significant changes to their initial project strategies as they began to develop a better understanding of each other and of the South African working environment. The Beijing Axis maintains an advisory position in the project.