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Beijing, China

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China Competitive Landscape Analysis for an Int’l Mining Engineering Company



To identify the most competitive mining engineering companies in China and to assess their abilities in terms of providing EPCM services; to outsource manufacturing to China and ultimately to build manufacturing capability in China.


By leveraging qualitative desk research techniques, field trips, in-depth interviews with industry experts and industry players, as well as our specialised analytical methodology and skills, we utilised a 3-stage approach:

  1. Understanding the market: We provided an overview of the current macroeconomic environment in China as well as an in-depth study of the China mining engineering services market
  2. Awareness of competitors: After estimating the market share of domestic and foreign companies and providing SWOT analysis for Chinese companies, we provided a comprehensive analysis of selected competitors in a high-level report with comparative analysis of the abilities of selected competitors in the Chinese market
  3. Integration: We presented an integrated report that included market and competitor analyses followed by a structured list of Conclusions and Recommendations


Beijing Axis Strategy delivered a 169-page report and 14 detailed company profiles which were presented to the senior management of the company. As a result of the strategy consulting services provided by The Beijing Axis, the decision makers of the company formed a better understanding of the scope of their work in the Asia Pacific region and repositioned their China strategy accordingly. The Beijing Axis continues to provide consulting services for the company.