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Monday, 20 March 2017 08:06

北京 -- 2017年03月20日 -- 2016年中国以钢铁和煤炭行业为去产能的重点,全年退出钢铁产能超过6500万吨、煤炭产能超过2.9亿吨,超额完成年度目标任务。而今年3月5日,国务院总理李克强在人大会议上作政府工作报告时指出,今年中国要再压减钢铁产能5000万吨左右,退出煤炭产能1.5亿吨以上。在继续拆除落后的,非法建设的小钢铁厂、僵尸企业等,彻底去产能化的同时,国家要淘汰、停建、缓建煤电产能5000万千瓦以上的项目,以防范化解煤电产能过剩风险,提高煤电行业效率,也为清洁能源发展腾空空间。


Monday, 30 March 2015 10:39

One of the key trends in African development in the future will be efforts to increase inter-African integration. As seen during the rapid development of the "Asian Tigers," inter-regional trade is one of the most important steps to advance development in Africa. This was underscored by government officials and business leaders at the Third Africa Infrastructure and Power Forum in Beijing.


Monday, 03 March 2014 11:20

AS CHINA faces a broad range of challenges, the shifting structure of its economy and the development of its "soft power" are stand-out issues for this year. The consequences of how Beijing deals with such challenges will affect companies across the world and executives should be prepared for any opportunities that may arise.


Thursday, 30 January 2014 11:06

ON DECEMBER 14 China’s Chang’e 3 spacecraft successfully performed the country’s first soft landing on the moon — and the world’s first in 37 years, after the US and Russia.