TCA Apr 2014

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Over the past decade, China’s unprecedented surge of economic dynamism and development has radically altered the global landscape and affected a host of international relationships. Taking advantage of lower valuations, ambitious, cash-flush Chinese companies are looking for sound investments outside their traditional markets. The recent track record of Chinese overseas investors illustrates that they are increasingly capable of closing complex transactions and successfully operating in the tough regulatory environment of the developed world. By Daniel Galvez



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Growing at a much faster rate than any other major economy over the past three decades, China has become a key locomotive for global growth, in many ways taking over the role traditionally played by the US and other developed economies. As China moves to a consumption-driven growth model, new consumption-oriented opportunities are emerging both inside and outside China, forcing multinationals and governments to re-think their China strategies to capture the attention (and wallets) of Chinese consumers. By Daniel Galvez


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While costs have become a focal point for companies seeking to grow their margins, China’s competitive position as a low-cost sourcing destination is being questioned. This article takes a closer look at the new competitive forces shaping China and other low cost countries’ competitiveness and the implications for global supply chain executives. By Javier Cuñat


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